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Hello! Long ago, I left a message here.I was surprised very much when I received a response of youBy a twist of fate that even understand i forgot my password and always had the idea to write, now I do it :).
Many people still do not believe me but I continue believing. I must confess to him that I have moved away a bit from his books and want to return to connect with them ,does it recommend to me someone?. Though it does not create it there are some of his books that have marked me. " The Prophetess " made me think about the religion and about the life. " Perfect Harmony " (my favorite) made me see that past, present and future they are not any more than simple names, we all are connected And with " Green City in the Sun " simply I fell in love with Kenya. Thank you for all that, for the histories,teachings, and for the force that in every book I deliver myself.
I am A Young woman, have 16 and who knows if probably in a few years more you are in the stores with a book of mine, a book that if I ever get to write, is in part thanks to you. I say this because I want you to know that not only is a story, is life. I sit it for the mistakes, it is difficult to express what I think about another language. Thank you for having time to reading. Now I will return to read, do not be that, but I will do.

Good nights and many inspiration. Consuelo Sánchez Opazo, LaSerena-Chile






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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