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Stephanie Weiser

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Dear Barbara,

I am actually from Frankfurt, Germany, but in August 2009 I permanently moved to Melbourne.
A very close friend of mine gave me Dreamtime as a farewell present and I loved it!
To be frank I never was much of a reader. When I did my internship in 2007 my supervisor gave me the Prophetess and said 'the main character reminds me of you' and I was scared of the think book. However I started reading and couldn't stop!
I still haven't figured out why I keep getting your books for my farewells and I couldn't draw the similarity between your heroines and me just yet, but I love your books!
Moreover I am so, so happy that you wrote This Golden Land and I can't wait to read it. This will be the first book that you wrote that is not given to me but that I will actually buy myself ;)
Another thing I love is that you publish your books in three languages. That way I can practice all languages I speak, which is great.

Thank you for your great stories and thank you for writing a lot of books, this way there will be a lot of good material to read.

Viele Gruesse aus Melbourne





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