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County Clare


Hi Barbara,

For the last 2 weeks I have been living another life...that of Marimi and her daughters and I am desperately looking for any similarity they may just give it away...I am one of them...To my despair I have neither Indian looks nor do I suffer from terrible headaches an Illusions:) I just finished another book of yours and feel you have opened yet another door to history and a past life long forgotten to me. Not only tell your books great stories, of ordinary people but they tell about a past that once was so present and alive as is mine and yours right now:)
I may not have the money to travel but by reading your books I am making a fair attempt at it I think.
I think a big Thank you will just about wrap up how I feel about you:)
With the help of God may you continue enriching your readers mental state of affairs for years by writing many many more stories of yours:)






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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