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Jane Bohon

by The Administrator last modified Aug 20, 2011 19:02

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I have loved your books for EVER! They are always my most favorites. I have started to download all of them on Kindle since all of my paperback copies are literally falling apart -- especially Green City in the Sun and Sacred Ground. I also just found out that Butterfly is your book under your pen name. It makes perfect sense. It is an absolutely brilliant plot and captivating story. NO WONDER it is another of my all time favorite books that I have had to buy more than one copy of. I can read your books over and over again and never tire of them. Even though my tastes have changed over the years, your books are still the first ones I look for and the ones I love the most. Thank you for the endless hours of enjoyment you have brought into my life. Your writing is simply wonderful!! I am looking forward to reading This Golden Land next. Wishing you continued success and every happiness.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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