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Robert Berry

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Dear Barbara Wood
I recently bought an e-book version of The Blessings
Stone. It was found to be full of typos and spelling errors,
which I do not believe is your method of literature.
I went through all the motions of factory resetting my reader and downloading all my books again just to find that the same errors exist.
This was purchased from Kobo and the errors are so frequent that any pleasure I would find from reading the book is destroyed.
I have been to kobo and I think it is beyond their capability to fix this problem, and I don't know if you have anymore ability in that area. I'm writing this note just to make you aware of the situation in the hopes that problems like this do not damage your sales.
I hope you read this, I don't want a new book, I would just like to see the problem fixed by whoever has caused it.
Thank you
Bob Berry




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