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Emilio Suárez González

by The Administrator last modified May 02, 2014 05:54


La Habana

10 de Octubre


Hello, first i would like to say thanks to you for writing so matvelous and amazing books and for give this chance to write you to all your readers around the world. My name is Emilio and i´m cuban, this month is my anniversary, and my bride, who´s name is Lisandra Otero Borges is a hughe fan of you, and all your books, i´m sure she will be very pleased if she gets a mail from you, never mind if are just a few lines. Please, im begging it, if you could do that, just the fact of receiving a mail from you will make she the happiest woman in the world ever.Please, if you could write to his mail just to congratulate she i´ll be the happiest men in the world too, our anniversary is the 16 of may but you can send it any time you want altough better if before.
This is his mail: lotero@fcom.uh.cu, and this is mine esuarez@fcom.uh.cu
Very pleased i would like to say goodbye, cubans hugs for you.
P.S: i can´t be connected all the time to the internet so my mail is the only way to chek your answer,please if you could answer me, im almost begging it.
P.S 2: Sorry if my English isn´t pretty good, remember i´m Cuban






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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