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this ATM card is real and it worked fine i got mine from WORLD CYBER TECH,i use it to withdraw money and today i'm very happy because i can buy anything i once dreams of,when i contacted this company i was worried thinking that they will scammed me too like the previous companies which i contacted before but to my greatest surprised things work's fine everything they said is true they do as they advertised,they ask of fee that i should pay before the card can be shipped to me, i told them that i will pay advance fee, that if i received the card and it works fine i will pay the remaining balance which they did,my card was shipped to me Via DHL COURIER SHIPPING SERVICES which take three business days to get to me now i have my card from this genuine company,words can not explained how i feel right now,i decided to let the whole wide world know about this company that is why i decided to come out here and share my testimony on how i received my card from WORLD CYBER TECH,please read and also share till it get to every one because you might be saving someone out there if you have any interest on the card too or you want to ask the company questions here is the company email...brainhackers@aol.com




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