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Barbara Wood as Kathryn Harvey



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Book List: (English, Spanish, German, French)


Land Of The Afternoon Sun, Turner

Rainbows On The Moon, Turner

The Serpent and the Staff, Turner

The Divining, 2012, Turner

This Golden Land, 2011, Turner

Woman of a Thousand Secrets, 2008 St Martin's Press

Daughter of the Sun, 2007 St. Martin's Press

Star of Babylon, 2005, Severn House (currently out of print)

The Blessing Stone, 2002 St. Martin's Press

Sacred Ground, 2001 St. Martin's Press

Perfect Harmony, 1998  Little Brown

The Prophetess, 1996 Little Brown

Virgins of Paradise* 1993, Random House. 

The Dreaming* 1991 Random House. 

Green City in the Sun* 1988 Random House. 

Soul Flame*  1986 Random House. 

Vital Signs* 1986 Doubleday. 

Domina* 1983 Doubleday. 

The Watch Gods*  1981 Dell. 

Childsong*  1981 Doubleday. 

Night Trains*  1979 Morrow & Co. 

Yesterday's Child* 1979 Doubleday. 

Curse This House* 1978 Dell. 

Hounds and Jackals* 1978, Doubleday

The Magdalene Scrolls, 1978 Doubleday

Butterfly* (Kathryn Harvey), 1988, Villard

Stars* (Kathryn Harvey), 1992 Villard

Private Entrance (Kathryn Harvey), 2006 i-universe

*Re-published 2007 i-universe


La Adivina/The Divining

La Tierra Dorada/This Golden Land

La Mujer de los Mil Secretos/ Woman of a Thousand Secrets

El Secreto de los Chamanes/ Daughter of the Sun

El Amuleto / The Blessing Stone

Tierra Sagrada/ Sacred ground

Armonía Rota / Perfect harmony

La Profestisa / The Prophetess

Vírgenes del Paraíso / Virgins of Paradise

Sueños de Joanna / Songlines of Destiny (The Dreaming)

Bajo el Sol de Kenia / Green City in the Sun

El Fuego de la Vida / Soul Flame

Constantes Vitales /Vital Signs

Domina / Domina

Dioses Guardianes / The Watchdogs

Canción de Cuna / Child song

Trenes Nocturnos / Night Trains

Sombras del Pasado / Yesterday's child

Los Manuscritos de Magdala / The Magdalene scrolls

La Casa Maldita / Curse this House

Perros y Chacales / Hounds and Jackals

De Kathryn Harvey

Butterfly /  Butterfly

Stars / Stars

El Hotel de los Sueños /  Private Entrance

- GERMAN (See list on German Language page)


L'Ile du feu sacré/Rainbows on the Moon

La Guérisseuse et le Roi/The Serpent and the Staff

La fille du loup/The Divining

La femme du bout du monde/This Golden Land

La femme aux mille secrets/Woman of a Thousand Secrets

La dernière chamane/ Daughter of the Sun

L'étoile de Babylone/Star of Babylon

La Pierre Sacrée/The Blessing Stone

La Terre Sacrée/ Sacred Ground

Les Fleurs de l'Orient/ Perfect Harmony

La prophétesse/The Prophetess

Les Vierges du Paradis/ Virgins of Paradise

The Dreaming

African Lady, Australian Lady/ Green City in the Sun

Séléné/ Soul Flame

Les battements du coeur/Vital Signs

Et l'aube vient après la nuit/ Domina

The Watch Gods


Night Trains

Yesterday's Child

Curse This House

Hounds and Jackals

The Magdalene Scrolls

As Kathryn Harvey:

Butterfly/ Butterfly

La clé du passé/ Stars

Private Entrance







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