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Hounds and Jackals


"I drew the Jackal out and brought it up before my eyes. I studied the bizarre face, the ivory grin, the sly and pointed ears. What secrets did it hold, this ancient toy?" 


(image of The Blessing Stone by Barbara Wood)
Hounds and Jackals

Indeed, the Egyptian carving that Lydia Harris held before her enshrouded many secrets. First, there had been the urgent phone call from Rome: Lydia's sister pleading that she join her there. Then, in the next mail, Lydia had received the ancient ivory gamepiece -- and found herself drawn on a journey halfway around the world.

But when Lydia arrives in Rome her sister has mysteriously disappeared, while the ivory jackal is very much in demand by unknown pursuers who will stop at nothing to get it. Lydia's search for her sister leads her from Rome to Cairo, where love -- and death -- soon cross her path.

Knowing only that she must cling to the Jackal with her very life if she is ever to find her sister, Lydia sets out on a journey down the Nile with a mysterious Arab that circumstance has forced her to trust. And in the Valley of the Kings, amid the pharaoh's tombs, Lydia Harris comes across ancient secrets in the desert sands that even the centuries have not erased ....

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