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Vital Signs


A heady brew of medicine and romance, richly packed, immensely readable, eloquent, absorbing, satisfying.  The Washington Post


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Vital Signs

They meet in medical school in the late '60s -- three bright, ambitious women struggling to make a place in a man's world. Each has a past she wants to forget. Each has a dream she yearns to fulfill. And in the years that lie ahead -- years of triumph and tragedy, joy and sorrow, love and loneliness -- each will find, in their unique bond of friendship, the courage and strength to succeed.

There is Mickey, disfigured from birth, who turns to plastic surgery to heal herself and others afflicted with her special pain. Sondra, abandoned by her natural parents, who becomes a missionary doctor to forgotten souls crying out for love.

And Ruth, who discovers the miracle of motherhood, and opens a pioneering fertility clinic that offers new hope to those who once had none.

Moving through the exotic settings of California, Hawaii, and Africa, Vital Signs weaves a rich and compelling story of contemporary women's lives in love and work, revealing the special challenges faced by women in medicine today.

What the critics said about Vital Signs:

"An absolutely riveting combination of medicine and romance!"
-- Philadelphia Inquirer

"A scalpel-and-scruples tale ... excitement, romance, operating theater energy."
-- Kirkus Reviews

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