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Green City in the Sun


Barbara Wood brings the beauty of the African landscape I know and love stunningly alive.  Barbara Taylor Bradfordl


(image of Green City in the Sun by Barbara Wood)
Green City in the Sun

Green City in the Sun is the saga of two proud and powerful families -- one British, one African -- and their battle over Kenya's destiny in the twentieth century.

It is 1917 when pioneer Dr. Grace Treverton arrives in Kenya, determined to bring modern medicine to the natives. Her brother, Sir Valentine Treverton, has his own dream for the British protectorate: to establish an agricultural empire there to rival any in England. But the dreams of the wealthy Trevertons collide with those of the African family that has lived on the land for generations. Grace finds a deadly rival in Wachera, an African medicine woman, who fights to maintain native traditions against the encroaching whites. Wachera places a curse on the Trevertons, after which a series of tragedies threatens to destroy what the once great family fought to create. And the fates of future generations of these two remarkable families become inextricably bound.

What other authors said about Green City in the Sun:

"From page one, I knew I was in the company of an accomplished storyteller. Barbara Wood has written an enthralling saga, packed with memorable characters and rich detail. Treat yourself and read it."
-- John Jakes

"A master storyteller ... Barbara Wood never fails to hold the reader enthralled, and at the same time she artfully illuminates the dark side of Africa."
-- Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey

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