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The latest News about my work

My Latest Book Available in German: Wohin dein Traum dich fuhrt

by Barbara Wood — Published: Mar 02, 2017

German Readers: I'm pleased to announce that my latest book is available at amazon.de

Kalifornische Palmen, bedrohte Natur und eine Frau, die um ihren Traum kämpft – Bestsellerautorin Barbara Wood erzählt unwiderstehlich gut.
Als die schöne New Yorker Erbin Elizabeth im Sommer 1920 bei der Schiffspassage in die Heimat auf Nigel, Baron Stullwood trifft, ist sie von ihm fasziniert: Man hat ihn zwar enterbt, aber er brennt vor Energie und Zuversicht, und er ist fest entschlossen, England mit all seinen beengenden Traditionen hinter sich zu lassen und aus eigener Kraft ein Imperium zu erschaffen. Elizabeth verliebt sich in ihn und seinen Traum von riesigen Palmenplantagen in der kalifornischen Wüste. Die wilde Landschaft begeistert und berührt sie zutiefst. Doch in Palm Springs, auf das gerade der Glanz von Hollywood und seinen Filmstars fällt, erlebt Elizabeth auch die dunkle Seite von Nigels Ehrgeiz und seiner Gier nach Geld und Einfluss. Kann sie wirklich ganz allein gegen die mögliche Zerstörung der fragilen Natur kämpfen – und sich gegen Nigel stellen? Wer wird ihr dabei helfen? Elizabeth muss entscheiden, ob sie ihrem eigenen Traum folgen darf.


Daughter of the Sun - Audio Book

by Barbara Wood — Published: Jan 07, 2017

Coming Soon: Daughter of the Sun audio book published by Cherry Hill Publishing.

Seventeen-year-old Hoshi'tiwa had a simple life. The daughter of a humble corn grower, she planned to marry a storyteller's apprentice. But her world is turned upside down when she is captured by the powerful and violent ruler of an infamous city with legends of untold wealth and unspeakable acts of violence to its name. Hoshi'tiwa is suddenly thrown into the court of the Dark Lord, and as she struggles for power, she begins an illicit affair with the one man who has the ability to destroy her.

Bestselling author Barbara Wood has crafted a sweeping saga of one woman's struggle to survive within the dangerous and exotic world of the Toltec court. Set against the backdrop of Chaco Canyon and the mysterious Anasazi people, Daughter of the Sun is an unforgettable novel of power, seduction, murder, and betrayal.

This Golden Land

by Barbara Wood — Published: Dec 05, 2016

This Golden Land on Audio is now available through cherryhillpublishing.

Listen to an excerpt.

Back In Print

by Barbara Wood — Published: Nov 23, 2016

      I can’t tell you how excited and deeply moved I am to have my first novel being re-issued in the English language after having been out of print for years. THE MAGDALENE SCROLLS was my very first novel. Forty years ago this month, I had just ended my work shift at Santa Monica Hospital and my husband came to pick me up. As we were driving down Wilshire Boulevard, he handed me the mail. He said, “You got a letter from that agent.” A few months earlier, I had timidly submitted a manuscript to an agent in New York and had been anxiously awaiting news. The novel was about some ancient scrolls being discovered in the ruins of Magdala on the Sea of Galilee and the astonishing message they deliver to the modern world.

La Tierra Del Sol Poniente

by Barbara Wood — Published: Oct 20, 2016

Readers in Spain: The Spanish language version of my latest book, will be avaialble at bookstores November 17th and also at amazon.es

En 1920, durante el viaje en barco que la devuelve a casa, Elizabeth Van Linden, una rica heredera de la alta sociedad neoyorquina, conoce a Nigel Barnstable, un joven aristócrata inglés que ha heredado el título de barón Stullwood pero no el dinero ni las propiedades de la familia. Enamorada, se casa con él en cuanto llegan a Nueva York, y Nigel pasa a controlar la cuantiosa fortuna de su esposa.

La primera decisión del matrimonio es irse a vivir cerca del desierto de Mojave, al sur de California, donde Nigel compra una hermosa propiedad para crear un imperio agrícola junto a una reserva india. La población se llama Palm Springs y está empezando a atraer, como lugar de ocio, a los ricos y famosos de una incipiente industria: el mundo del cine.

Elizabeth trata de adaptarse a una vida nueva, ignorante de que su presencia perturba a Cody, el vaquero que han contratado como capataz. También empieza a conocer a los jefes de la tribu cahuilla, que tratan de vivir de acuerdo con sus costumbres ancestrales, preservando el amor y el respeto por la tierra.


Night Trains - Audio Book

by Barbara Wood — Published: Sep 06, 2016

Coming soon to Cherryhill Publishing. Night Trains, based on a true event, is an unforgettable account of how an entire town in Poland resists the devastating blow of the occupying Nazi forces, using wit, courage, and determination as its only weapons. Occupied by the Germans, the strategically located town of Sofia, Poland, stands on the brink of annihilation in 1941. As every arrest and execution brings total obliteration closer to reality, two medical doctors devise an ingenious plan — to stage a typhus epidemic that will force the Nazis to evacuate. Gripping and powerful, Night Trains brilliantly illuminates the classic conflict between active and passive resistance in one town's fight for survival.

The Blessing Stone Audio Book

by Barbara Wood — Published: Aug 24, 2016

(image of audio book icon

Coming soon from Cherry Hill Publishing.

Millions of years ago, a meteorite fell to Earth and shattered, revealing a beautiful blue stone. One hundred thousand years ago, a girl named Tall One found the crystal on the African plain, and it formed her destinyas well as the destiny of generations to come.


From ancient Israel to Imperial Rome, medieval England to fifteenth-century Germany, the eighteenth-century Caribbean, and the nineteenth-century American West, the destiny of the stone and the history of the world unfold. Each story is full of the betrayals and obsessions of the human heart, and the quests of the human spirit. In The Blessing Stone, Barbara Wood has both told the intimate details of her characters' lives and created a sense of the epic sweep of human history.

Green City In The Sun - Audio Book Coming Soon

by Barbara Wood — Published: Jun 10, 2016




Listen to an audio preview here

Publisher's Weekly Review

by Barbara Wood — Published: May 09, 2016

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"In Wood’s ambitious 1920s saga, a disinherited English aristocrat and a stifled American heiress marry and settle in largely rustic Palm Springs, Calif., which is just beginning to develop. Seeking his fortune, Nigel Barnstable, Baron Stullwood, begins aggressively building an agricultural business by planting date palm trees. His wife, Elizabeth, who relishes the newfound freedom from her loving but domineering parents, embraces the West and their neighbors, the Native American Cahuilla tribe. As Nigel becomes increasingly controlling and violent, he terrorizes Elizabeth and provokes the Cahuilla by infringing on their land and water..... Woods’s meticulous research provides a moving portrayal of the Cahuilla and their struggle to adapt to the technological and cultural progress that is increasingly affecting their way of life. But most compelling is Elizabeth’s awareness that she has gone from controlling parents to a controlling husband, followed by her evolution from a victim to a courageous defender of the environment. After she frees herself, she seeks out a romantic relationship based on true partnership. At its essence, Wood’s narrative is about respect, resilience, and rebirth. (July)"

Pre-order your copy of Land of the Afternoon Sun.


The Magdalene Scrolls

by Barbara Wood — Published: Apr 20, 2016

(image of happy newe year

The Magdalene Scrolls was my first published book, back in the late 70's.  I've written, and had published many books since then, but the first one, well that's special. So I'm very pleased to announce that The Magdalene Scrolls will be available very soon as an audio book by Cherry Hill Publishing.

(image of audio book icon

Listen to the trailer.

Read about it here.



Audio Book Soul Flame here!

by Barbara Wood — Published: Apr 10, 2016

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Audio book of SOUL FLAME is now available at Cherryhillpublishing.com  Audio books are displayed alphabetically.

Listen to trailer.

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The Watch Gods - Audio Book

by Barbara Wood — Published: Mar 23, 2016

(image of watch dogs cover

The Watch Gods on Audio book is now available at www.cherryhillpublishing.com

The powerful tale of an Egyptologist determined to find a mythic treasure buried in the desert sand—even if it costs him his life. 
Listen to the trailer.

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Land Of The Afternoon Sun

by Barbara Wood — Published: Feb 12, 2016

(image of happy newe year

I am pleased to announce that my next book is available for pre-order at amazon.  Coming July 2016 !!!

Land Of The Afternoon Sun follows a disinherited English baron and a young New York heiress who marry and move West to build an agricultural empire in Palm Springs in the 1920s when it was just a budding town on the edge of the Mojave Desert. It's a saga about ambition on both large and small scales and the rapidly modernizing world as the harsh, sun-drenched landscape transforms from a Native American haven to the playground of Hollywood's rich and famous.

Land of the Afternoon Sun is also the story of a woman finding her own personality and strength in the West against a breathtaking desert landscape that changes constantly and shows its deadly side in poisonous snakes, flash floods and sand storms, with dramatic moments of forbidden romance, reversals, treachery, betrayal and, ultimately, triumphs.

Domina - Audio Book Just Released

by Barbara Wood — Published: Jan 31, 2016

(image of audio version of Domainar

Available at CherryHillPublishing.com

Audio books displayed alaphabetically by book title.

Listen to the trailer

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Private Entrance - Here!!

by Barbara Wood — Published: Jan 03, 2016

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Private Entrance, audio version is now available at Cherry Hill Publishing
This is the 3rd installment in my Kathryn Harvey trilogy.  Read about it here

Listen to the trailer

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Mar 02, 2017

My Latest Book Available in German: Wohin dein Traum dich fuhrt

Jan 07, 2017

Daughter of the Sun - Audio Book

Dec 05, 2016

This Golden Land

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