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The latest News about my work

Inavouable Héritage

by Barbara Wood — Published: Jul 31, 2014

(image of Inavouable_Heritage

Hello French Readers!

I'm pleased to announce that one of my earlier books, "Yesterday's Child", is now available in French, as Inavouable Héritage.




Rainbows On The Moon

by Barbara Wood — Published: May 14, 2014

(image of frog in rainforest

My next book,


is available for pre-order at amazon.com.

It will be released September 30, 2014.



News for French Readers

by Barbara Wood — Published: Apr 01, 2014

(image of frog in rainforest

I am pleased to announce that my latest book, “Rainbows On the Moon,” will be published in France. As soon as I receive pub date and art work, I will post them here.



News for Greek Readers

by Barbara Wood — Published: Mar 23, 2014

I am pleased to announce that “Serpent and the Staff” and “Rainbows On the Moon” will both be published in Greece. For my Greek-speaking friends, I will post pub dates and cover art when I receive them.

Rainbows On The Moon

by Barbara Wood — Published: Feb 10, 2014

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I am pleased to announce that my newest book, “Rainbows on the Moon,” which takes place in 19th century Hawai‘i, will be published this fall by Turner Publishing. As soon as I receive cover art, I will post it here.




by Barbara Wood — Published: Feb 02, 2014

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Yes, it's true!

I'm on Twitter.




Séléné - Re-issue 2014

by Barbara Wood — Published: Jan 16, 2014

(image of book cover for Selene

My French publisher is re-issuing a paperback version of Séléné .  Look for it July 2014





Publisher's Weekly Review

by Barbara Wood — Published: Dec 31, 2013

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If you haven't read my latest book, The Serpent and the Staff yet, here's a review from Publisher's Weekly:

"The plot and pacing are masterful, and there is enough sex, betrayal, murder, and intrigue to keep the most skeptical readers breathlessly turning pages. Wood skillfully envisions a society set in biblical times, with people-trading, marrying and scheming in a thriving coastal town at the center of ancient trade routes, rendered in soft focus but with marvelous clarity and complexity." —Publishers Weekly

#3 - Serpent and the Staff

by Barbara Wood — Published: Nov 05, 2013

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THE SERPENT AND THE STAFF is #3 in Kindle books at amazon.com









Im Auge Der Sonne

by Barbara Wood — Published: Oct 11, 2013

(image of book cover

The German language version of my latest book, The Serpent and the Staff, is now availalbe: IM AUGE DER SONNE






e-book Serpent And The Staff

by Barbara Wood — Published: Sep 05, 2013

(image of quill & paper

On October 8 2013, THE SERPENT AND THE STAFF will be available on all e-book formats.









Im Auge Der Sonne

by Barbara Wood — Published: Aug 01, 2013

(image of book cover

I'm pleased to announce that my latest book is available in German.

Im Auge Der Sonne

Zwischen Gehorsam und Rebellion: Eine verbotene Liebe führt die Heilerin Leah bis vor den Thron der Pharaonen.
Der neue Roman der Bestsellerautorin Barbara Wood entfaltet große Gefühle vor den Sehnsuchtsorten der Welt.

Leah möchte eine gehorsame Tochter sein. Sie soll den mächtigsten Kaufmann von Ugarit heiraten. Im Geheimen liebt sie jedoch David, den Kämpfer und Schriftgelehrten. Er lehrt Leah die Schriftzeichen, die er erfunden hat, damit sie ihre Heilrezepte aufzeichnen kann.
Doch dann wird Leah entführt. Verzweifelt folgt David ihrer Spur, und beide geraten in den Eroberungszug der Ägypter. Als Gefangene werden sie vor den Pharaonenthron gebracht. Im Angesicht der Sonnenkönigin Hatschepsut müssen Leah und David ihre Fähigkeiten beweisen – oder mit dem Leben bezahlen…

Bestellen Sie Ihr Exemplar

La Serpiente y el Baculo

by Barbara Wood — Published: Jun 04, 2013

(image of chair

Para mis lectores de habla hispana, mi próximo libro ya está aquí.

Ugarit, Siria, 1450 a. C. La familia de Lea, hija de un próspero viticultor, tuvo que huir de su hogar en Jericó la noche en que los egipcios les invadieron. Aunque con dieciocho años la joven es considerada mayor para casarse, Jotam, un constructor de barcos acaudalado, pide su mano en matrimonio. Durante la ceremonia, ella le rechaza en público y él promete vengarse del ultraje. Cuando el escriba Daveed llega a la casa de Lea para trabajar en el negocio familiar, ambos sienten enseguida una fuerte atracción. Lo suyo no debería ser una relación de amor porque él se dedica en cuerpo y alma a su vocación, entrar en la sagrada Hermandad de los Escribas, y Lea a estudiar el poder curativo de las plantas. Sin embargo, tendrán que unir sus fuerzas y sus talentos para salvar de la miseria a la familia de Lea y para enfrentarse a una nueva invasión egipcia. La serpiente y el báculo es una gran historia de amor, de traición y de venganza llena de detalles fascinantes en una época que experimentó cambios profundos en toda su organización social.

Compre su copia aquí

French Readers - My Latest Book!

by Barbara Wood — Published: May 31, 2013

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La Guerisseuse Et Le Roi is now available.

Royaume d'Ougarit, actuelle Syrie, XVe siècle avant notre ère. Parce qu'elle a déplu à Jotham, son prétendant, un homme aussi vicieux que puissant, Leah a provoqué involontairement la chute de sa famille. Heureusement, elle possède un don : celui de soigner grâce aux plantes. Devenue la guérisseuse attitrée du roi Shalaaman dont elle a sauvé la vie, Leah espère bien obtenir un jour le retour en grâce des siens. L'histoire va lui en offrir l'occasion. En effet, enlevée par les troupes du pharaon Thoutmôsis III qui projette d'envahir la région et de réduire le royaume en esclavage, Leah se retrouve en possession d'informations stratégiques précieuses sur l'offensive égyptienne imminente. Aidée de son compagnon, le scribe Daveed, la guérisseuse parviendra-t-elle à changer le destin de son peuple ?

Achetez ici

Exciting Update

by Barbara Wood — Published: May 14, 2013

(image of quill & paper

My latest book, SERPENT AND THE STAFF, (Turner Publishing) is available for pre-order at amazon.com

Ugarit, Syria, 1450 B.C.E. Eighteen-year-old Leah, the eldest daughter of a wealthy winemaker, is past the traditional age of betrothal. Vowed to wed the wealthy but cruel shipbuilder Jotham, Leah declines his offer of marriage after discovering that he and his family suffer from “the falling sickness.” Enraged by her refusal and his ruined reputation, he blackmails Leah’s father, a punishment forgiven only by offering Leah’s hand in marriage. With no more options for another suitor and no male heir for her family, Leah must seek out the cure for Jotham’s sickness or her family will face permanent ruin. During her quest Leah begins to burn with desire for Daveed, the handsome household scribe whose culture forbids their union. Daveed has been called by the gods to restore the Brotherhood, an elite fraternity of guardians at the great Library of Ugarit, rumored to contain the secret symbol of immortality within its ancient archives. If his plan succeeds, it may also save Leah’s family from disaster. But even Daveed and Leah cannot fathom the extent of Jotham’s sinister schemes to make Leah his bride once and for all. With rich historical detail, The Serpent and the Staff is a sweeping tale of love, betrayal, and how one family's faith can overcome the obstacles that life has in store for them.

Order here



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