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The latest News about my work

Serpent And The Staff

by Barbara Wood — Published: May 05, 2013

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My next book, Serpent and the Staff (Turner Publishing), will be published September 13, 2013.







Czech Readers: My latest book, "Vyvolena"

by Barbara Wood — Published: Sep 28, 2012

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VYVOLENA (The Divining) is now available in Czech.

Román pro ženy,  autorky Barbary Wood, vás uchvání p?íb?hem Ulriky, kterou  pronásledují sny, v nichž vidí, že vlasti jejího otce hrozí zkáza a že jejím posláním je zachránit otc?v národ. Vytuší, že práv? ona je vyvolená pro tento nelehký úkol, proto se musí z ?íma vydat na nebezpe?nou cestu. Jenže se vášniv? zamiluje a její božská moc i pozemská láska k Sebastianovi ?elí zrad? a nebezpe?í. V ?ím? totiž vládne krutý císa? Nero. Tato kniha,  z nakladatelství Alpress, je žhavá novinka na knižních pultech.





La Fille Du Loup

by Barbara Wood — Published: Sep 10, 2012

(image of book cover for The Divining

Dear French Readers,

My latest book, THE DIVINING, is now available in French :)  I hope you enjoy it.

La Fille du Loup

Rome, 54 après J-C, sous le règne de Néron. Depuis son enfance, Ulrika, jeune fille de dix-neuf ans, a des hallucinations et des prémonitions. Une nuit, elle fait un rêve étrange où lui apparaît un loup. Elle l’interprète comme un présage, « Wulf » étant le prénom que portait son père, mort lorsqu’elle n’était encore qu’un enfant, c’est du moins ce que lui a dit Sélène, sa mère.
Un soir, lors d’un dîner officiel, elle rencontre le commandant Gaius Vatinus, un valeureux guerrier amené à diriger l’armée romaine contre les Germains. Si Ulrika apprécie la compagnie de cet homme, ce n’est pas le cas de sa mère qui la met en garde car, il serait responsable de l’arrestation de Wulf et du pillage de leur village. Sélène révèle enfin la vérité à Ulrika : son père est toujours vivant et a fondé une famille en Germanie, tout en ignorant qu’à Rome il avait une fille. Ulrika décide alors d’entreprendre un long voyage en terres barbares afin de retrouver son père…


by Barbara Wood — Published: Aug 06, 2012

(image of book cover for The Divining

Hello German Readers!

MY latest book, DIE SCHICKSALSGABE (Fate’s Gift) will be published September 2012.

I hope you enjoy it :)

Fluch oder Segen? Ihre geheimnisvolle Gabe führt die junge Ulrika bis an die Grenzen der Welt.
Sie weiß, dass sie anders ist als ihre römischen Freundinnen: Ulrika hat Visionen, die sie vor allen verheimlicht, die sie aber nach Germanien rufen. Dort rettet sie der Handelsherr Sebastianus aus höchster Gefahr. Gemeinsam brechen sie auf zu einer Reise: Sebastianus will eine Karawane bis nach China führen, Ulrika forscht nach dem Geheimnis ihrer Gabe. Ihre Suche führt beide bis an die Grenzen der Welt und tief ins Herz der Finsternis. Als Sebastianus bei Kaiser Nero in Ungnade fällt, eilt Ulrika zu ihm nach Rom. Darf sie ihre Schicksalsgabe einsetzen, um den Mann zu retten, den sie liebt?
Das Leseerlebnis voller Leidenschaft und Abenteuer.



La Adivina Here!

by Barbara Wood — Published: Jul 31, 2012

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Hello Chilean Readers,

My latest book, LA ADIVINA will be published in Chile August 2012!

I hope you enjoy it :)




What Others Are Saying About Butterfly

by Barbara Wood — Published: Jul 22, 2012

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People have been so kind in their reviews of BUTTERFLY. You can read them here at:

Reenie's Book Blog

Inspire Magazine

In Love With Romance

Long and Short Reviews

Endless Days of Books





New Low Price for Butterfly

by Barbara Wood — Published: Jun 22, 2012

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Need an exciting book for your Summer vacation or just relaxing in your back yard?

Butterfly (kindle edition) is now only $1.29 at amazon.com. At this price, treat yourself and a friend (or two)!


Happy Reading :)


Read and Excerpt



Readers Guide

by Barbara Wood — Published: May 20, 2012

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If you are planning a group discussion for THE DIVINING, you'll find the Reader's Guide here.



La Adivina

by Sharon — Published: May 16, 2012

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LA ADIVINA (The Divining) will be published in Spain and South America June 2012.






Just in time for Mother's Day!

by Barbara Wood — Published: May 08, 2012

(image of butterflies and happy new year
(image of butterflies and happy new year
(image of butterflies and happy new year
(image of butterflies and happy new year







Some of my book covers have had a make-over!  Brand new designs for my re-released books by Turner Publishing. Here's just a few of them.

See them all on my Titles Page



My Latest Book - THE DIVINING

by Barbara Wood — Published: Mar 13, 2012

(image of The Divning

My latest book,

THE DIVINING is finally here.

Read all about it HERE









by Barbara Wood — Published: Mar 13, 2012

(image of butterflies and happy new year

Dear Readers,

I'm happy to tell you that THIS GOLDEN LAND has been re-published.  Look for the new cover!  You can find it here.


Dieses Goldene Land in Paperback

by Barbara Wood — Published: Oct 07, 2011

(image of La Tiera Dorada by Barbara Wood)


Hello German Readers,

Dieses Goldene Land now available in paperback.

Please visit my German Language website to read an excerpt.




Mark Your Calendar

by Barbara Wood — Published: Aug 09, 2011

I will be speaking at the Jurupa Valley Book Festival Saturday, October 15th.

Event starts at 10:00 am.

Glen Avon Regional Library

9244 Galena Street, Glen Avon, CA.

951 685-8121



Press Release - my next book and backlist titles

by Barbara Wood — Published: Jul 12, 2011

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Turner Publishing Acquires New Novel and Select Backlist Titles by New York Times

Best-selling Author Barbara Wood


Nashville, Tennessee, July 11, 2011… Turner Publishing has acquired a new novel by New York Times best-selling author Barbara Wood. Along with the new novel, The Divining, Turner has acquired select backlist titles by Wood. Agent Harvey Klinger brokered the deal for North American rights. Wood, who has also written under the pseudonym Kathryn Harvey, is the internationally best-selling author of 25 books, and has been translated into over 30 languages.


"I'm thrilled that my new novel will be published by such an innovative, exciting house like Turner,” says Wood. “Their enthusiasm for The Divining along with their efforts to bring my backlist titles to a brand new audience is exactly what I was hoping for!”

The Divining takes place 20 years after the Crucifixion and revolves around a young woman of Germanic-Roman descent with a gift of second sight that propels her to the forefront of modern Christianity’s earliest existence. Turner will publish The Divining in hardcover in May 2012, and at the same time will release trade paperback and e-book editions of 16 of Wood’s backlist titles.


“Turner is delighted to give Barbara Wood a new home,” says Todd Bottorff, president and publisher of Turner Publishing. “The opportunity to publish her latest novel and also reintroduce her backlist in new formats will not only reacquaint Barbara with her wide fan base of loyal readers, but also introduce her to a broad new readership eager to find a great read—whether they’re interested in history or fiction.”


“For my first fiction acquisition at Turner to be a new novel by beloved author Barbara Wood is a joy,” says Diane Gedymin, executive editor. “Turner is eager to explore ways to reach new readers for her highly entertaining yet meticulously researched historical works of fiction.”


For more information and a list of acquired titles, please contact Turner Publishing.



About Turner Publishing

Founded in 1985, Turner Publishing is an award-winning, independent publisher based in Nashville, Tennessee. Named by Publishers Weekly as one of the fastest growing independent publishers in the nation for the last three years, Turner Publishing is known nationwide for its popular Historic Photos and Good Things to Know™ series. Imprints include Turner, Ancestry, Trade Paper Press, and Iroquois Press. For more information, visit www.turnerpublishing.com.



Lauren Kerensky, Publicist

615-255-2665 / lkerensky@turnerpublishing.com






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