I am on Facebook!!!
By: Barbara
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Added: 07/29/2011 - 05:18 AM

Hello Everyone,

Well, I finally did it - I am on facebook. I need a few more "likes" though. So, if you can, visit my page and "like" my page. Hope you are all well and thriving.

Love Barbara Smile
By: edithromeo
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Added: 01/03/2012 - 06:22 AM

I am not use to Facebook exactly. Use it some cause my son is on FB. Wish I understood it more. Hi, I have read two of your books, Butterfly and Star. I have today great just found out that you write under the name Barbara, this is exciting. I need to start reading those now. Wait in great anticipation.Roll EyesWaiting!

By: crystal
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From: USA
Added: 06/23/2012 - 02:05 PM

Awww shoot, Barbara. I most certainly would give you a "like" if I could. I do not do facebook.Sad Facebook just doesn't interest me. But I DO love All Barbara Wood books! I have read every single one of your books over the years!!!! I just finished reading, The Divining. It was fantastic. I couldn't put it down. Can't wait till you write the next one. Wink
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